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Hello my foodies, long time no post! Sorry about the delays hehe ive been busy with school and sprang break hehe. Today I want to show u guys something really easy to make and perfect for the weather!!

I know that summer is just around the corner, but where I live, the bay area has its weird temper. It can be supper hot like 90 degrees during lunch time but it turns into 40 degree at night real quick without you even noticing it. So when its freezing and windy at night, nothing beats a bowl of warm homemade chicken noodle soup. Ive tried multiple recipes, and here is the one that I find the easiest and fastest to make yet so fat.

Funny story: last weekend, when I visited big bear with my family, it was really cold down there, so as a “chef” I am, I wanted to show that I could whip out some food real quick since my parents did not believe that I can cook or take care of myself. So I was like ok chicken noodle soup is easy and honestly u can’t go wrong with it. I was all excited and tried my hardest, got all the ingredients possible. As my mom was taking pictures of me cooking, I got a lil too excited and full of myself, so I forgot how hot the pot’s handle could be because it was all steal.. I TOUCHED THE HANDLES with 3 of my fingers LMAO. Ya I did that. And guess what. Ya I burned my 3 good fingers on my right hand HAHAHHAAHH.. thank god my bf was there helping me out with the triple biotics and wrapped my fingers so they wouldn’t be swollen big.

Anyways, now they feel like paper u use to bake cookies lmao but at least im functional enough to type so it’s all good. s/o to @thebigkev07 for being a doll & a nurse.

Anyways, hope yall enjoy this cookbook that I figured out using my broken hand.


- chicken breast x 1.5lbs (cooked, shredded)

- chicken broth x 2 big box containers

- frozen veggies x 1 bag (beans, carrots, peas)

- onion. x 1 (cut)

- garlic x 4 (mincded)

- noodles x ½ box

- butter x 2 spoons


  1. Melt butter in a big pot

  2. Add onion & garlic. Cook till super soft. Around 8mins

  3. Add in veggies & chicken. Flip a lil

  4. Add broth, noodles, salt & pepper

  5. Bring to a boil, cover, turn down the hear, wait for 20 mins.

  6. Yum its ready and ready to serve.

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