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Hello my blog readers

Today I want to talk to u guys about my relationship with STARBUCKS yayayyy

So tbh I never really had Starbucks until I was nearly 16 years old, my dad would get me a cup of Americano whenever we go on dates, since Americano is the cheapest drink, that’s the only one he would get me. But it was so bitter, I was never able to bear with it. So, he would always put way more creamer than necessary, more packs of sugar than cooking a dessert. Then he would present me this Grande iced Americano lighter than a cup of milk tea but somehow fits my sweet tooth and right then, I was the happiest girl ever. Foe the next week, I would always brag to my friends about how I had Starbucks and I would be the coolest kid in class for a good week.

I would do the same tricks with my mom, but only difference was she would let me get whatever I want. Whenever my mom takes me to the mall and we pass by Starbucks, I would always stand in front of it for a long time until my mom realizes I was gone, she would come back to me and I would look at her with my pity eyes, and my mommy would be like “ok let’s go get your drink”. Drinks are different when it comes to different parent, I only get Americano when I was with my dad, but with my mom, it’s like a different experience. I love some iced caramel macchiato with EXTRA caramel. I loved to sip on the milk part on the bottom and lick the caramel on the top then mix the drink together. Sometimes I would get carried away by the taste of the milk and accidentally finish it and left only coffee in the cup, but it will be too bitter to finish and I would give it to my mom and beg her to finish for me. She hated coffee bur didn’t want to waste. Haha what a typical mom. And now every time I have either drink, it makes me think of them.

When I first moved to the US, I was shock by the amount of Starbucks there are, literally there’s one every other corner. And I was surprised by how many items there are on the menu. Little me had no idea what these things are, and so there is this one time when I ordered double shot espresso thinking it was caramel macchiato with extra caramel, so I had to make my dad chug the tiny cup. Anyways, u wanna know a fast way to gain weight? Order a VENTI DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP FRAPPACINO every time u see a Starbucks, but no whip cream tho, I hate the consistency haha sorry my whip cream lovers including my puppy. So, yah, basically that’s what I did, for a year. I gained 10 pounds, even though I don’t think Starbucks was the main reason but it for sure was one of the reasons.

But the time when I really fell in love with Starbucks, would be this summer, 2017. For a while, this one drink went viral on Instagram and I was obviously attracted to it for the pretty baby pink color. So, u know, a foodie like me had to try it out. I went to Starbucks, “hi can I get a strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk please”. The green apron was kinda confused by the mixture but also amused by the color when it came out. She was like “oh my god it’s so pretty, Ima make one for myself after I get off my shift” first sip of the drink, sweet yet has the refreshing taste. Second sip, lit bought me, it tasted like my favorite childhood drink. May I tell you that there was definitely tears in my eyes. So, I went from Grande to venti, one gift card after another, from ordering long name to Starbucks officially put it as “pink drink” on their menu, from one reward to another reward, this drink has come a long way, and I am so happy that I have been there with its growth. I love my pink drink so much and me without pink drink in my hand is like me without makeup, I can’t even recognize myself. From now or then, there were the rainbow drinks, u know the purple drinks, the green drinks or whatsoever, those were absolutely nasty. Even when Starbucks tried to come out with their own similar drinks that people would rage about on Instagram, gross. Nothing can ever take pink drink’s spot in my heart. I love it so deeply I don’t think I will ever get tired of the drink as I am sipping on pink drink right now.

So hey starbucks, if you ever see my post, pls sponser me I love you

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