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my love with boba

hello long time no see my blogger friends!

today i want to talk to u guys about my relationship with boba aka. milk tea


growing up in china, boba has always been one of my favorite things to drink or enjoy. but it doesn't come to me every day or whenever i would want it. it's more like a reward type of thing. say whenever i get top 5 in my class, my mom would take me to a boba shop and i will b the happiest. i enjoy the feeling of inhaling one sip of tea with one pearl of a time, i use to describe it as the best food in the world.


after i came to America, searching for best boba started to become to mission. the taste of milk tea reminds me so much of home that make me feel less homesick at a young age. i remember begging my parents to take me to quicklys a lot as that was the only boba shop existed. i would brag about having a large size of black milk tea will bubbles to my white classmates and they would stare at me and questioning "what the hell is that" and i would explain and tell them to try some, instead of saying "thank you", people would always say "ew that's gross". LOL kids were so mean but hey did that ever stop me from sipping on the best drink in the world tho? no no no. i would still brag about it without caring all the negative comments :)


with years pass by, there are more and more people starting to get into milk tea and in some way, Asian culture is being accepted more and more by majority of people. And of course, quickly won't satisfy people's needs and tastes anymore. eventually there are basically different boba shops on every corner, every street. People go crazy for them. Have you ever tried driving an hour or even travel to the other side of the coast just to get a taste of the “good boba” they call? Well, if not then you haven’t met me: ) I would always bug my boyfriend to drive me to san Francisco which is an hour drive away from my place just so I can go to this place called boba guys. They currently have 8 stores, including 2 in New Yok city.


The reason that boba guys has a special space in my heart is that I know for a fact that their owner Andrew and Bin are someone who are really passionate and really enjoy boba as a drink. I have read their story many, many times, the fact that they decided to open up the shop based on their love for milk tea is crazy to me. The shop defiantly has one of the best quality out there. They use the freshest ingredients possible, with that being said, no artificial syrup, unknown powders, or liquid sugars. All natural, all healthy, all top notch. My all-time favorite drink would be strawberry matcha latte, a matcha infused milk drink with real strawberry bites on the bottom. It comes in 3 layers, and its so satisfying whenever I mix the layers up knowing this could be the best drink out there makes my heart tingling. here is a link to their website if you want to know more about my favorite boba shop :)


I just realized that I have been talking about “boba” for a while, but what is boba really and why is it called boba? Well, boba was called pearl milk tea, and boba stands for the pearls that come with the drink, it is called boba because in Hong Kong, people call it 波霸 which stands for “big pearls”. It got so popular so fast mainly because the sweet taste and the distinct flavor that was never introduced in the US, also the smooth mixer of tea and milk which made tea less bitter and milk less plain.


Ever since boba’s growth, I have just been sitting here and watching it getting more and more popular. So here are some of my favorite shops in bay area for you guys to might consider whenever you boba lovers come to the bay (mainly san jose)

  1. boba guys

  2. happy lemon

  3. soyful desserts

  4. tastea

  5. pekoe

  6. passion-T snacks and desserts

  7. teahee

  8. sinceretea

  9. teaspoon

  10. chatime


Thank you guys for reading, if by any chance you finished the blog post and made it to here, then hey I love you and thank you for supporting my love for food. Have a great day <3

Thank you guys for reading, if by any chance you finished the blog post and made it to here, then hey I love you and thank you for supporting my love for food. Have a great day <3

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