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My love/hate relationship with POKE

Hello there my friends! How are you guys lately? So today I want to share with you about my relationship with poke haha.

So starting 2 years ago, I realized that more and more poke places are popping out of nowhere. All of a sudden, it had become the hit topic/food everyone raging about. "Have you tried poke house?" "But Poki bowl is way better". And as a foodie, I was just here like.. wait.. what.. yall can't be serious about this?? Never in my life would ever imagine so many people love raw fish like they can just eat a bowl of raw fish..

Growing up next to the ocean, if there is one thing I learned, is that ocean is our best friend and sea foods are delicious when they are cooked. My grandparents use to take me to the sea and we would scrape oysters and all kinds of shells off the rocks. And everyone else would eat them raw like swollen them right down the throat right after found them.. To mje, that was just the weirdest thing ever. And it's not like i never tried it.. OH GOD IT WAS NASTY.. So that was the young me experiencing the raw seafood. But it wasn't it..

Back when I was 15 years old, the nightmare I would never forget till this day.. happened..... It was a huge family reunion in a sushi restaurant.. Not gonna lie, the only sushi I ever eat are lion rolls and spiderman ((aka the fake sushis)) But tell me why, that sushi place we went which has 4.5 stars on yelp, ONLY SERVES RAW FISH.. In my head, I was like.. ok.. I am just gonna starve tonight, no big deal. But remember, it was a family reunion, which means, my Asian relatives would constantly put food in my plate and force me to eat them all... And as i mentioned earlier.. I already hated raw seafood in any type of form.. I forced myself to swallow down all the fishy smell "food" and kept a smile on my face because i didn't want to disappoint my family... And next thing you know.. I went to the bathroom and THREW UP.. NONSTOP.. man..I yaked all the food i had that day or maybe that week, I don't even remember.. All I can recall was that it was some big time gross bathroom session.. :(

Last year after getting rashes all over my face and body, I decided to go see a doctor and get diagnosed what I am allergic to. AND GUESS WHAT????? I AM HIGHLY ALLERGIC TO FISH.. aka my whole life was a lie because I basically grew up eating fish everyday??? LMFAO. But hey, on the bright side, what an awesome excuse to reject people when they offering poke to me hehe.

BUT SIKE PLOT TWIST!!!!! I am so hooked to poke bowl now. I get it at least twice a week.. WHY?? Because I get shrimp only :) Cooked shrimp are my all time favorite. Imagine a bowl of rice with shrimp, avocado, seaweed salad, crab salad, mango, pineapple, cucumber and all kinds of delicious sauce.. Can food get any better in any way? NO.

So ya, I love poke bowls but I only eat shrimp for anyone that's asking. Does that count as poke addict? Give me your answer hehe.

And here are some pictures I took of poke bowls I had in the past week (many were not documented so probably way more than this)

"Poki Bowl" San Jose

"Pokenomics" Sunnyvale

"Downtown Poki" San Jose

"Downtown Poki" San Jose

"Fish Me Poke" San Jose

Let me know if you love or hate poke haha. I would love to hear your poke story, your favorite poke spot and your favorite kind of protein to get.

Love you guys :) Hope to talk to you guys soon

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